Parus major

Parus major Parus major
Date: 2007 April 25

I'd hardly noticed the adult birds paying much attention to the nestbox, so was surprised to hear twittering from inside. Six hungry mouths thinking that I might have brought them something edible. I wonder when they hatched - I wouldn't guess too many days earlier?

Sorry about the focus. I didn't want to risk disturbing them by taking more shots.

Parus major Parus major
Date: 2007 May 8

A mere 13 days later, and they look almost ready to leave the nest. And there are still six of them if you look carefully.

Parus major Parus major
Date: 2007 May 12

The weather turned cold and wet, and they stayed in the nestbox for another 4 days after the previous picture, but this morning they had gone. This youngster was in the garden for several hours. Of course I don't know whether it was one of the same family or not. I didn't see it being fed, so I hope either that it was able to fend for itself, or the parent birds found it again.

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