Apus apus (Common swift) video

Now offline for the 2016 season, as the birds have left. More detailed notes on swift activity are in the 2016 Swift diary.

Activity in camera boxes 2016 (prediction in red italic). See all years here
2016#1May-4May-7May-20May-22-xOne adult disappeared Jun-1
2016#1aJun-7Jun-15Jun-17-Jul-5Aug-16Aug-18-New adult arrived Jun-7

Live video from two of Clarke Brunt's swift nest-boxes. Click to start. Please see the notes below.

Now offline for the 2016 season.

This is nest box #1 in which swifts have raised young in each year from 2012 to 2015.

In 2016, the first swift returned on 2016 May 4th, and the second on 2016 May 7th. 2 eggs were laid on 2016 May 20th and 2016 May 22nd, but one adult disappeared on 2016 June 1st. On 2016 June 7th, a 'stranger' swift arrived to join the existing one, and the birds removed the old eggs. A 1st new egg was laid on 2016 June 15th, and a 2nd on 2016 June 17th, hatching on 2016 July 5th. One of the young fledged on 2016 August 16th, and the 2nd on 2016 August 18th, when the last adult left as well.

The static picture from 2015 shows two adult swifts and their three young.

Now offline for the 2016 season.

This is nest box (#4) in which swifts raised young in 2014 and 2015.

In 2016, a pair of swifts returned on 2016 May 5th. The 1st egg was laid on 2016 May 14th, and a 2nd on 2016 May 16th. The eggs hatched on 2016 June 4th, and the young fledged on 2016 July 16th. The adults left on 2016 July 30th.

The static picture from 2016 shows both adult swifts at the nest.


I don't guarantee that the video will remain online, or will be working at any given time. I have limited the number of people who can view at the same time, so try later if it doesn't work. I have also limited how long you can watch for - should be about 5 minutes, after which it will stop updating. You can stop and start again to watch more, but don't leave the live video running for extended periods, especially if you're not actually watching it. You can close it (and return to the static image) without leaving the page by clicking the [x] at top-right of the video, or by hitting 'q' (while over the video). Hit 'f' while over the video for full-screen, or use the icon. Hitting ? (while over the video) will display keyboard commands. Clicking the video will pause or re-start it.

There should be audio as well as video. You might need Flash Player installed in your browser, although the browser might be able to play the HTML5 video without it.

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Author: Clarke Brunt (clarke.brunt@viridis.net)
Last modified: 23rd August 2016