Summer Show 2002

Brian Moore Summer Show 2002
Date: 2002 June 9

Photos by: Simon Mentha.

The Cambridge Branch of the British Cactus & Succulent Society's Summer Show was held at Scotsdale Garden Centre, Great Shelford.

At left Brian Moore, as he has so often, takes on the job of attempting to extract the 50p entrance fee from visitors (and never ceases to be amazed at people who are put off by this small contribution).

Denmoza A specimen of the genus Denmoza from Argentina, which needs to reach a reasonable size in cultivation before producing its flowers.

Matucana madisoniorum A Peruvian species this time, Matucana madisoniorum which needs care in cultivation to reach this size without developing unsightly marks.

Edithcolea grandis Neil Oakman's specimen of Edithcolea grandis. This member of the Asclepiadaceae, with its spectacular flowers, can be somewhat tricky to grow.

At right, the show judges, Tony and Suzanne Mace assess the exhibits. To the left of them, Keith and Kathryn Brown performing the job of "judges' runners" (i.e. noting the judges' decisions, and taking them to the Show Secretary).

Show judging

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