Autumn Show 2002

Show judging Autumn Show 2002
Date: 2002 October 6

Photos by: David Bennett, Simon Mentha, and Ernie Strong.

The Cambridge Branch of the British Cactus & Succulent Society's Autumn Show was held in Meldreth Village Hall for a second year.

At left Clarke Brunt, centre Doreen and Neil Oakman, and at right Lorna Cowles.

Neil Oakman won the Ginns Medal for acheiving the highest points total in the show, with Clarke Brunt being rather surprised to win the Julia Patman Memorial Trophy for the most points by a Cambridge Branch Member.

Alan Butler judging Left: the show judge, Alan Butler, examines a small specimen of Pachypodium namaquanum.

Right: Clarke Brunt with the trophy awarded for gaining most points in the Mesembryanthemaceae section.

Clarke Brunt with trophy

Below, Doreen Oakman's exhibit of Conophytum plants. A stunning exhibit of 64 plants, each in a 50mm pot, showing just what can be done with this genus which isn't always as popular as it deserves to be.

Conophytum exhibit

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