Cintia subterranea

Cintia subterranea Cintia subterranea
Date: 1999 April 9

The genus Cintia has started to appear in cultivation in recent years. Some people believe them to be (or at least to be related to) Copiapoa, which the flowers seem to resemble.

I bought this plant (KK2052) in 1998. It is grafted on what appears to be Harrisia. My over-enthusiastic watering soon caused the Cintia to split completely up one side. I decided, in the interests of possible propagation, to extend the split through the growing point and down the other side. Both halves have continued to grow. Sooner or later, I might re-graft them. There is probably little reason for this species to be grafted over than for propagation.

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Author: Clarke Brunt (
Last modified: 9th April 1999