Dinteranthus puberulus

Dinteranthus puberulus Dinteranthus puberulus
Date: 2000 October 1

These 5 young plants are here seen growing in a 2-inch (5cm) pot. The seed was sown in 1998, and the first one is flowering after two years. The plant is sometimes known as D. microspermus subsp. puberulus. In an article on Dinteranthus in the September 1999 issue of the British Cactus & Succulent Journal, Suzanne Mace writes that Dinteranthus flowers are mostly 'golden sunshine-yellow', but that there is a white form of D. microspermus subsp. microspermus. My plants seem to fit the 'puberulus' mould, in being velvety, with distinct spots, but the flowers are evidently white, with a pink tinge which fails to show in the photograph.

I consider these to be among the more desirable of the Mesembs. They are never common, perhaps due to being quite difficult to raise from seed, which is said to require above average temperatures to germinate.

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Author: Clarke Brunt (clarke.brunt@viridis.net)
Last modified: 3rd October 2000