Mammillaria goldii

Mammillaria goldii Mammillaria goldii
Date: 1999 April 6

Mammillaria goldii (sometimes listed as a sub-species or variety of M. saboae remains a distinctive plant for collectors, if only for an apparent difficulty in keeping it alive in cultivation.

As is often done, I grafted this plant, soon after buying it, onto Trichocereus pachanoi which is a reliable method for keeping them alive, though it results in unnatural elongation of the plant body, and the prolific offsetting seen here. For me, the most important thing is to keep the plant alive, as I am not particularly interested in producing plants which will be appreciated by judges at shows. Now that I have got lots of offsets, I have the choice of re-grafting them, or trying some on their own roots.

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Author: Clarke Brunt (
Last modified: 6th April 1999