Cacti in Peru

These pictures were taken during two trips to Peru.

Although I'd first visited Peru in 1978, that was just a week's break from astronomy research at the observatories of Chile.

It wasn't until January and February 2000 that I returned, this time with cacti in mind. I was accompanied by Paul Hoxey, Jean Ellwood, Alfred Lau the renowned cactus explorer, and Jorge Galindo from Quito, Ecuador, a friend of Alfred's from his cactus expeditions 30 years earlier.

I returned again to Peru in December 2001 and January 2002, again with Paul and Alfred, and also with Job Rosales from Peru's capital city, Lima.

So far, just a few species are covered: Matucana weberbaueri, an interesting Espostoa (or two), two coastal Haageocereus, and an interesting Peperomia (OK - so that one isn't a cactus!). Also some people and places from the second trip. Hopefully more to follow soon!

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