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Seeds collected: 1993-2000

This is a list of all species collected by the seed-collectors during the years 1993-2000. The main purpose is for the collectors to check the recorded details, and add to them or amend them if required.

There is an example entry at the top to explain the fields. The initial letter abbreviation of the genus is commonly used when listing several members of the genus. Don't do this without giving the genus first, or I won't know what genus you mean!

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Abcdefghijklmnop (Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwx)
A. Abcdefghijkl var. opqrstuvwxyz Very common plant indeed999cmSome colour or other asdSpring Summer AutumnLots of notes about this plant. And yet more long notes about it

Abutilon (Malvaceae)
A. ochsenii9-83 100cmLavender blueSummerSouth wall

Acaena (Rosaceae)
A. affinis152-69     
A. anserinifolia208-65 10cmGoldJune-July 
A. macrostemon  30cmPinkJuly 
A. magellanica  45cmPinkSpring 
A. microphylla90-57 60cmRedSummerBronze foliage
A. novae-zelandiae  20cmLilacJune-JulyBrown seed heads
A. ovalifolia133-66 30cmPinkSummerGood seed heads
A. saccaticupula207-56 5cmRusty burrsJulyFrom New Zealand

Acantholimon (Plumbaginaceae)
A. glumaceum  10cmPinkJulyLike thrift

Acanthus (Acanthaceae)
A. hirsutus616-82 120cmPale yellowJune onwardsPale green leaves
A. hungaricus  80cmPurple / whiteAugust-SeptemberHandsome hardy perennial
A. mollis Bear's breeches125cmMauveAugustHandsome hardy perennial
A. spinosus60-53 65cmMauve / whiteJune-August 

Achillea (Compositae)
A. filipendulina ' Gold Plate'  150cmBright yellowMayHardy perennial
A. ptarmica  60cmWhiteMayHardy perennial
A. taygetea 'Moonshine'78-78 70cmPale yellowJulyHardy perennial

Aconitum (Ranunculaceae)
A. 'Bressingham spire'434-57Monkshood45cmDark blueSummerSee Filipendula. Same number
A. lamarckii222-54Wolf's bane100cmYellowSummer(syn. A. lycoctonum ssp. neapolitanum)
A. septentrionale 'Ivorine'475-79Monkshood60cmVioletJune 

Actaea (Ranunculaceae)
A. rubra Red baneberry150cmWhiteSummerTranslucent red berries (poisonous) in Autumn

Adonis (Ranunculaceae)
A. annua4-96Pheasant's eye35cmRedJuly-AugustSmall red flowers with black stamens

Aethionema (Cruciferae)
A. grandiflorum110-71Stone cress10cmPinkMay-JulyHardy perennial, for rock garden

Agrimonia (Rosaceae)
A. eupatoria581-90Agrimony70cmYellowJune 
A. odorata  70cmYellowJune 

Alcea (Malvaceae)
A. rosea450-82Hollyhock200cmLemon yellowAugustBiennial
A. rugosa450-89Hollyhock250cmPale lemon-yellowJuly-AugustBiennial

Alkanna (Boraginaceae)
A. orientalis144-76  YellowJune-JulySpreading habit

Allium (Liliaceae)
A. angulosum121-60 45cmLilacJulyFresh green leaves
A. caeruleum168-92 60cmBright blueJune-July 
A. caeruleum268-92 40cmBlueMay-June 
A. carinatum  25cmPurpleSummer 
A. cernuum450-81 60cmAmethystSummerLoose hanging heads
A. cernuum77-68 60cmBlueJuneLoose hanging heads
A. cyathophorum73-60 30cmPurpleSummer 
A. flavum254-59 30cmYellowSpring/Summer 
A. giganteum  150cmPurple  
A. moly  30cmBright yellowMay-JuneBroad blue-green leaves
A. nigrum  70cmWhiteJuneLeaves dying down when in flower
A. nutans  50cmPale mauveJuneHeads 6 cm across, narrow blue-green leaves
A. obliquum  60cmPale yellowJune onwards 
A. pulchellum77-68 30cmMauveSummer 
A. roseum var. bulbilliferum  30cmPinkJuly 
A. schoenoprasum309-55Chives15cmPale mauveJulyBlue-green fine leaves
A. senescens196-57 30cmLilacSummer 
A. sp.  30cm  Unidentified ornamental onion
A. sphaerocephalon  35cmPinkSummer 

Alstroemeria (Amaryllidaceae)
A. 'Ligtu hybrid' Peruvian lily60cmmixed  
A. 'mixed'560200 40cmPink / yellow / creamAugust 
A. aurea11-55Peruvian lily75cmYellow / orangeJune onwardsPerennial

Althaea (Malvaceae)
A. rosea Hollyhock200cmYellowJuly 

Alyssoides (Cruciferae)
A. utriculata607-80 20cmYellowJuneAttractive seed pods

Alyssum (Cruciferae)
A. spinosum  20cmCreamy whiteJune 

Amaranthus (Amaranthaceae)
A. caudatus6-66Love-lies-bleeding40cmRedAugustFlowers in tassels

Amethystea (Labiatae)
A. caerulea89-0227 60cmBlueJuly-AugustAnnual. Tiny flowers on branching stems

Ammobium (Compositae)
A. alatum2-70 90cmWhite, yellow centreJune-JulyLong stems. Good for drying

Amsinckia (Boraginaceae)
A. intermedia  60cmYellow  

Amsonia (Apocynaceae)
A. tabernaemontana  100cmPale blueJuneClump-forming perennial

Anagallis (Primulaceae)
A. arvensis (Blue form)  12cmDeep blueJulyLow growing, carpeting
A. arvensis (red / blue form)  10cmRed and blueJulyLow spreading
A. monellii  10cmDeep blueJulyProstrate

Anchusa (Boraginaceae)
A. azurea  150cmBlueJune 
A. officinalis97-29 90cmBlue  

Andrachne (Euphorbiaceae)
A. colchica  100cmPale greenJune onwardsSmall bush

Anemone (Ranunculaceae)
A. canadensis  30cmWhiteJuly 
A. multifida108-71 45cmPale lemonMay-June 
A. sylvestris586-89Snowdrop windflower30cmWhiteSpring-Summer 
A. tomentosa65-66 100cmPale pinkSummerLarge handsome leaves
A. x fulgens  30cmScarletSpring 

Anoda (Malvaceae)
A. cristata271-76 40cmPink / mauveJuly onwardsPerennial. Erect habit

Antennaria (Compositae)
A. dioica141-58Cat's ears20cmWhiteMay 
A. rosea  15cmPale mauveJulyDaisy-like

Anthemis (Compositae)
A. cupaniana60-71 30cmWhite, yellow centreJulyDelicate silver foliage

Anthericum (Liliaceae)
A. liliago192-72St. Bernard's lily50cmWhiteJunePerennial
A. liliago ssp. algeriense St. Bernard's lily50cmWhiteJunePerennial

Anthyllis (Leguminosae)
A. sp.  30cmYellowSpring/Summer?vulneraria (Chilt), hermanniae (RHS)
A. vulneraria489-57Kidney vetch30cmYellowJune-SeptemberHardy perennial

Antirrhinum (Scrophulariaceae)
A. asarina  8cmCream / yellowSummerHardy perennial
A. orontium Snapdragon45cmPink / mauveJuly-AugustHardy annual

Aquilegia (Ranunculaceae)
A. canadensis96-0179Columbine60cmLemon-yellowMay-June 
A. chapinei579-89 100cmOrangeJune-July 
A. chrysantha785-79Columbine50cmPale lemon yellowMay-JuneLong-spurred
A. chrysantha96-0180Columbine50cmPale lemon yellowMay-JuneLong-spurred
A. discolor410-93 15cmBlue / whiteJuly 
A. formosa25-70 30cmRed / yellowMay-June 
A. formosa var. truncata54-59 30cmYellow & redJune-July 
A. longissima752-91Columbine60cmYellow / pinkJuneYellow petals, pink spur
A. vulgaris68-72Columbine50cmPurpleMay-June 

Arctotis (Compositae)
A. venusta  30cmPale blue  

Arenaria (Caryophyllaceae)
A. graminifolia  10cmWhiteMay-JuneHardy perennial. Star-like flowers

Argemone (Papaveraceae)
A. mexicana Prickly poppy100cmYellowSummerUsually grown as annual
A. platyceras9-83 100cmWhiteSummer 

Armeria (Plumbaginaceae)
A. maritima (white form)241-50Thrift20cmWhiteJune-JulyHummock of grey/green leaves

Arnica (Compositae)
A. chamissonis102-66 50cmYellowAugust 

Arum (Araceae)
A. italicum Italian arum15cmCream spatheSummerRed berries in Autumn

Asclepias (Asclepiadaceae)
A. incarnata225-87Swamp milkweed65cmPinkAugust 

Asperula (Rubiaceae)
A. arvensis635-91Blue woodruff20cmBlueJuneAnnual

Asphodeline (Liliaceae)
A. alba4-69 45cmWhiteMay-JunePerennial. Branched flower spikes
A. liburnica Jacob's rod70cmYellowJune-JulyPerennial. Very fine leaves
A. lutea508-93Yellow asphodel100cmBright yellowJunePerennial. Flower in long spike
A. taurica508-93 40cmWhite / greenMayPerennial

Asphodelus (Liliaceae)
A. albus  100cmWhiteJuneBulbous

Aster (Compositae)
A. novae-angliae94.0464Michaelmas Daisy120cmMauveLate Summer 
A. tongolensis  50cmMauveJune-July 
A. tradescantii161-62 15cmWhiteJuneHardy perennial

Astragalus (Leguminosae)
A. centralpinus916-91 60cm JulyDrooping habit
A. falcatus  100cm May-July 
A. odoratus  100cmYellowMay-July 
A. sp  30cm  Spreading habit

Astrantia (Umbelliferae)
A. major363-59Great masterwort60cmPink / whiteJune-July 
A. maxima266-59Masterwort100cmPale pinkJune-July 

Baccharis (Compositae)
B. patagonica344-94 150cmYellowJune 

Ballota (Labiatae)
B. nigra Black horehound20cm JulyGrey foliage
B. rupestris162-65 20cm JulyGrey foliage

Baptisia (Leguminosae)
B. australis38-49Wild indigo90cmDeep blue / purpleMayHardy perennial

Bergenia (Saxifragaceae)
B. purpurascens Elephant's ears45cm   
B. stracheyi239-94Elephant's ears30cmRed & whiteAprilHardy perennial

Boisduvalia (Onagraceae)
B. densiflora425-89 60cmPinkJuly 

Borago (Boraginaceae)
B. officinalis Borage60cmBlueJune onwardsAnnual herb

Brachyglottis (Compositae)
B. monroi299-92 100cmYellowSummerHardy perennial shrub from New Zealand. Daisy-like flowers

Brassica (Cruciferae)
B. gravinae93-79     

Briza (Gramineae)
B. media Quaking grass30cmSilveryJune-JulyAnnual, tufted grass
B. minor Lesser quaking grass20cmSilveryJuly-AugustAnnual, tufted grass

Brodiaea (Liliaceae)
B. laxa469-92 30cmBlueEarly SummerBulb, similar to Allium

Brunnera (Boraginaceae)
B. macrophylla  30cmBlueJunePerennial

Bulbine (Liliaceae)
B. semibarbata55-58Leek lily40cmYellowJulyClumps of spiky leaves

Calandrinia (Portulacaceae)
C. citrata var. menziesii158-94 30cmMagentaJune onwardsSlightly succulent

Calceolaria (Scrophulariaceae)
C. scabiosifolia  40cmYellowJulyPerennial, or annual

Calendula (Compositae)
C. officinalis Garden marigold30cmYellowJune-JulyHardy annual

Callistemon (Myrtaceae)
C. violaceus161-69Bottle brush200cmRedSummer 

Campanula (Campanulaceae)
C. cochlearifolia207-56Fairy's thimble12cmBlueJune 
C. elatinoides68-72 10cmBlueJune-JulyLow, creeping, rock-plant. Hardy perennial
C. latifolia  130cmBlueJulyHardy perennial
C. punctata29-91 45cmCream / pinkSummerFlowers speckled red inside
C. rotundifolia75-57Harebell45cmBlueSummer 
C. sp.677-91 3cmMauve bellJune onwardsCollected as C. thrysoides, but probably isn't. Still attractive
C. takhtadzhanii175-91 15cmWhiteJuly 
C. thyrsoides677-91 30cmYellowJune onwards 

Carex (Cyperaceae)
C. intumescens209-69Japanese sedge25cmYellow-greenMay-JulyPerennial sedge. Star-shaped flower heads
C. pendula Pendulous sedge70cmBrown-beigeJune onwardsPerennial for shady areas. Leaves yellow-green

Carthamus (Compositae)
C. lanatus186-90Safflower150cmYellowJuly-AugustArchitectural

Carum (Umbelliferae)
C. carvi Caraway40cmWhiteJuneAnnual herb, finely divided leaves

Catananche (Compositae)
C. caerulea736-90Cupid's dart45cmPale blueJulyThrift-like. Flower like French Lavender
C. caerulea793-89Cupid's dart70cmPale blueJune onwardsGood for drying

Cautleoides (?)
C. sp.  30cmPinkJune 

Cedronella (Labiatae)
C. triphylla  50cmPale pink / mauve Labiate. Aromatic leaves

Celosia (Amaranthaceae)
C. argentea  40cmWhite / pinkJune 

Centaurea (Compositae)
C. cheiranthifolia  15cmWhite, purple centreJunePerennial. Grey leaves
C. dealbata  45cmMauveJunePerennial
C. moschata Sweet sultan45cmmixedJune-JulyFast-growing annual with fragrant flowers
C. nigra var. nemoralis Arab knapweed60cmMauveJulyHardy perennial
C. scabiosa Greater knapweed75cmBlueEarly July 

Centaurium (Gentianaceae)
C. chloodes1-59  Dark pinkMay-JuneLow alpine mound

Cephalaria (Dipsacaceae)
C. asperum  90cmPale yellowJuly-AugustGood for bumblebees
C. gigantea  200cmPale yellowJulyScabious-like flower. For back of border
C. radiata190-79 120cmCreamy whiteJuneScabious-like flowers

Cerastium (Caryophyllaceae)
C. biebersteinii  30cmWhiteJune-July 
C. tomentosum Snow-in-summer20cmWhiteJune 

Ceratostigma (Plumbaginaceae)
C. plumbaginoides Hardy plumbago70cmDeep blueSummerHardy perennial,

Cerinthe (Boraginaceae)
C. major  60cmBlueSummerBlue flowers, blue-green leaves, Mediterranean habitat

Chaerophyllum (Umbelliferae)
C. aureum  150cmWhiteJuly 

Chamaenerion (Onagraceae)
C. fleischeri  60cmPinkJulyPretty foliage

Cheiranthus (Cruciferae)
C. cheiri479-82Wallflower40cmRedMay 

Chelidonium (Papaveraceae)
C. majus Greater celandine60cmYellowJune 

Chrysanthemum (Compositae)
C. coronarium19-76 80cmYellowJune-JulyHalf-hardy annual
C. coronopifolium  30cmYellowSummer 
C. segetum Corn marigold45cmYellowJulyGlaucous foliage

Chrysopogon (Gramineae)
C. gryllus26-70 100cmGold and purpleJulyPerennial tufted grass

Cicer (Leguminosae)
C. arietinum Chick pea (black)60cm June 

Cicerbita (Compositae)
C. plumieri ssp. uralensis144-91 100cmMauve, yellow centreJune onwardsHardy perennial. Good for wild gardens

Cistus (Cistaceae)
C. albidus147-84Rock rose150cmPale rose, yellow eyeSummerWhitish hoary leaves, full sun
C. canescens249-82Rock rose    
C. creticus312-62Rock rose130cmPinkJuly-AugustEvergreen shrub
C. ladanifer1057-91Rock rose150cmPinkJunePretty bush. Sticky buds
C. laurifolius509-82Rock rose200cmWhite, yellow stamensSummer 
C. libanotus687-89Rock rose90cmPink budsSummerEvergreen shrub
C. monspeliensis539-89Rock rose50cmWhiteJuneEvergreen shrub
C. monspeliensis 'Minor'182-69Rock rose100cmWhiteJuneEvergreen shrub

Clarkia (Onagraceae)
C. amoena  60cmLilac / pink Annual
C. unguiculata  60cmPink / red Annual

Clematis (Ranunculaceae)
C. integrifolia  40cmBluish purpleJune-JulyHerbaceous perennial
C. integrifolia 'Olga'183-85 60cmBluish purpleJune-JulyHerbaceous perennial
C. macropetala 'Blue Bird'   BlueSummerClimber
C. macropetala 'Pauline'   BlueSummerClimber
C. macropetala 'Rosy O'Grady'   Pink / mauveSummerClimber
C. macropetala 'White Swan'   WhiteSummerClimber
C. orientalis 'Bill MacKenzie'   YellowSummerClimber
C. recta  80cmWhiteJuneHerbaceous perennial

Cleome (Capparidaceae)
C. hassleriana96-0018Spider flower60cmPinkSummerErect annual

Cleonia (?)
C. lusitanica  15cmPinky mauveAugust 

Clianthus (Leguminosae)
C. puniceus78-83Lobster claw100cmBrilliant redEarly SummerBest against warm south wall

Clinopodium (Labiatae)
C. vulgare Wild basil30cmPinkSummerNative species for chalky soil. Good for bumblebees

Cnicus (Compositae)
C. benedictus St. Benedict's herb30cmYellowJune-JulyHardy annual. Spiny bracts

Codonopsis (Campanulaceae)
C. clematidea139-81 60cmBluish whiteEarly SummerBlack and gold markings inside. Acid soil
C. convolvulaceum (?)   Pale mauveSummer 
C. dicentrifolia590-89 70cmPale mauveJune-JulyCampanula-like flowers
C. pilosula165-90 100cmVery pale mauveJune-JulyClimber. Campanula-like flowers

Collinsia (Scrophulariaceae)
C. heterophylla  25cmPurple / whiteJune onwardsAnnual

Collomia (Polemoniaceae)
C. grandiflora  80cmYellow / orangeJuly 
C. linearis  20cmPink  

Colquhounia (Labiatae)
C. coccinea  50cmOrangeJuly 

Commelina (Commelinaceae)
C. coelestis60.0121Mouse-ear flower60cmBlue, yellow stamensJuly-AugustAnnual, or half-hardy perennial

Consolida (Ranunculaceae)
C. ajacis501-90Larkspur60cmBright blueSummer 

Convolvulus (Convolvulaceae)
C. cneorum323-57 80cmWhiteMayBush, silver leaves, drought resistant
C. tricolor  30cmWhite / yellow / blueAugust-SeptemberAnnual

Coriandrum (Umbelliferae)
C. sativum Coriander30cmPinkish whiteJulyAnnual culinary herb

Cornus (Cornaceae)
C. mas Cornelian cherry1500cmCreamSummerTree. Bright red oval berries in Autumn

Coronilla (Leguminosae)
C. valentina ssp. glauca408-82 150cmYellowSummerEvergreen leguminous shrub

Corydalis (Fumariaceae)
C. sempervirens Rock harlequin35cmPink / yellowJune-JulyAnnual. Grey green leaves

Cosmos (Compositae)
C. sulphureus53-91 50cmBright orangeAugust-September 

Crambe (Cruciferae)
C. cordifolia434-57Sea kale200cmWhiteJune-August 
C. maritima Sea kale60cmWhiteSummerNative perennial

Crepis (Compositae)
C. incana266-58Pink dandelion20cmPale pinkJuly-AugustFull sun. Rock garden
C. incana266-59Pink dandelion20cmPale pinkJuly-AugustFull sun. Rock garden
C. rubra  30cmPinkMay-JulyHardy annual

Crocosmia (Iridaceae)
C. masoniorum63-0336Montbretia65cmOrangeSeptemberSow as soon as possible

Cuphea (Lythraceae)
C. procumbens  25cmPurpleAugust-October 

Cynara (Compositae)
C. scolymus Globe artichoke200cmPurpleJuneArchitectural

Cynoglossum (Boraginaceae)
C. amabile  20cmBlueJuly-AugustAnnual or biennial
C. glochidiatum  75cmBrilliant blueSummer/AutumnBiennial, erect stem
C. hungaricum  75cm SummerBiennial, erect stem

Cynosurus (Gramineae)
C. echinatus425-90 20cmGreen buffSummerGrass

Daphne (Thymelaeaceae)
D. tangutica363-65 100cmRedMay-JulyHardy shrub, scented

Delphinium (Ranunculaceae)
D. ajacis  90cmBlueSummer 
D. bulleyanum103-91 100cmBlueJuly 
D. elatum334-91 150cmBright blueJunePerennial
D. grandiflorum335-91 80cmDeep blueJune-July 
D. grandiflorum94-0325 80cmDeep blueJune-July 
D. polyanthum93-91 100cmBlueJuly 
D. requienii  120cmDark blueJuly-August 
D. sp.323-94 120cmBlueJulyStrong, self-supporting
D. viscosum86-92 60cm June 

Deschampsia (Gramineae)
D. caespitosa291-56Tufted hair grass90cmSilvery purpleJune onwardsHardy perennial

Dianthus (Caryophyllaceae)
D. 'Carnation' Carnation MixedJuly-October 
D. 'Pink' Pink30cmPinkJulyScented florets
D. 'Pink' tall white Pink45cmWhiteJuneScented, fringed petals
D. 'Pink' white Pink20cmWhiteJuneScented, ragged petals
D. glacialis787-91Glacier pink25cmWhiteJune-JulyFringed petals
D. plumarius14-70     
D. seguieri16-65 40cmCeriseSummer 
D. superbus Pink30cmPinkJune-July 
D. tenuifolius75-66 20cmPale pinkJune-JulyFeathery edged flowers
D. waldsteinii  30cmPale pinkSummerFrilly flowers

Dicranostigma (Papaveraceae)
D. leptopodum  15cmBright yellowAugustAnnual. Basal rosette of leaves

Dictamnus (Rutaceae)
D. albus Burning bush70cmWhiteJune - JulyPerennial bush. Likes sun

Digitalis (Scrophulariaceae)
D. grandiflora7-56Yellow foxglove100cmPale yellowJune-July 
D. laevigata47-92 100cmPale orangeJuly-August 
D. lanata135-57Woolly foxglove60cmWhite, dark markingsJune-AugustBiennial. Dark green leaves
D. lanata32-69Woolly foxglove60cmWhite, dark markingsJune-August 
D. lutea449-54Small yellow foxglove75cmYellowMay-July 
D. lutea97.0154Small yellow foxglove45cmYellowMay-July 
D. obscura99-92 35cmBronzeJune-August 
D. parviflora758-79 100cmOrangeJulyDistinctive species of Foxglove
D. purpurea Foxglove150cmMixed  

Doronicum (Compositae)
D. cordatum  75cmYellowSpring 
D. pardalianches Great leopard's bane60cmYellowMayHardy perennial

Dorotheanthus (Aizoaceae)
D. bellidiformis Mesembryanthemum10cmMixedJuneSucculent annual

Dorycnium (Leguminosae)
D. hirsutum  100cmMauveSummerBushy legume

Dracocephalum (Labiatae)
D. moldavica Dragon's head40cmBlueJuly-AugustAromatic
D. sibiricum  80cmBlueAugustHardy perennial

Dryas (Rosaceae)
D. octopetala124-71Mountain avens5cmWhiteSummerCreeper
D. octopetala395-57Mountain avens5cmWhiteJune-JulyDark green 'strawberry' leaves

Ecballium (Cucurbitaceae)
E. elaterium Squirting cucumber40cm SummerGround cover. Ripe fruits explode when disturbed

Eccremocarpus (Bignoniaceae)
E. scaber13-87Chilean glory vine300cmOrangeMost of yearClimber, often perennial

Echinaria (Gramineae)
E. capitata     Ornamental grass

Echinops (Compositae)
E. ritro7-39Blue globe thistle100cmBlueJulyBlue stamens haloing sphere

Echium (Boraginaceae)
E. plantagineum  30cmBlueSummer 

Edraianthus (Campanulaceae)
E. tenuifolius405-91 10cmPurpleJune-JulyRock garden

Elsholtzia (Labiatae)
E. polystachya  25cmPale mauveJuly-AugustAromatic

Elymus (Gramineae)
E. arenarius Lyme grass100cm June 
E. giganteus  150cmBlue-greenAugustOrnamental grass

Emilia (Compositae)
E. coccinea  30cmScarletJulyHalf-hardy annual

Epilobium (Onagraceae)
E. dodonaei371-85Alpine willowherb120cmPinkJune-JulyGrey foliage
E. glabellum85-0364 10cmWhiteJune-August 

Eragrostis (Gramineae)
E. curvula Love grass100cmDark grey metallicJuly onwardsTufted perennial grass

Erigeron (Compositae)
E. caucasicum200-56 60cmPale mauveSummer 
E. foliosus857-90 25cmPale mauveJuly 
E. formosissimus42-57  PinkJune 
E. glabellus54-95 25cmMauve, yellow centreJune 
E. glaucus145-89 30cmMauve, yellow centreSummerDaisy-like flowers
E. peregrinus112-92 30cmLilac, yellow centreLate SpringDaisy-like flowers
E. philadelphicus212-66     
E. sp.42-57 15cmPink / purpleJune 
E. speciosus173-60 70cmPinkJune-JulyHardy perennial

Erinus (Scrophulariaceae)
E. alpinus798-91Fairy foxglove8cmMauve / blueMay-June 

Eriophyllum (Compositae)
E. lanatum75-57 50cmYellowJune-July 

Erodium (Geraniaceae)
E. carvifolium395-89  Magenta  
E. castellanum142-82 30cmPinky mauveSpring/Summer 
E. castellanum602-89 30cmPink, grey blotchLate Spring/SummerVeining on flowers
E. cheilanthifolium207-56 45cm Summer 
E. cheilantifolium var. majus601-89 15cmWhiteJuly 
E. manescavi179-69 45cmPurple / redJune 
E. pelargoniiflorum225-89 20cmWhite, pink blotchSummerPale orange stigma
E. reichardii125-69 15cmWhite / pinkJune 
E. rupestre605-89 25cmWhite, pink veinsJune-July 

Eryngium (Umbelliferae)
E. agavifolium  80cmCream / greenSummerSpiny rosette of leaves
E. amethystinum61-85 60cmBlueJune-AugustBlue bracts
E. bourgatii130-21 45cmLilac blueJune-AugustDeeply dissected, steel-blue foliage
E. bourgatii331-89 45cmLilac blueJune-AugustDeeply cut, steel-blue foliage
E. paniculatum  150cmCream / greenSummerHardy, any soil, full sun
E. variifolium331-59 45cmGrey blueLate SummerEvergreen rosette. Variegated leaves

Eschscholzia (Papaveraceae)
E. californicaaCalifornia poppy30cmButtermilkSummerSelf-seeds freely
E. californicabCalifornia poppy30cmOrange / yellowJuly-September 
E. lobii546-91 30cmRich yellowJuneCompact annual

Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae)
E. gunnii     10-25m tree

Eupatorium (Compositae)
E. cannabinum317-73 200cmWhite / purpleAutumnFluffy flower heads. Likes damp

Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae)
E. amygdaloides var. robbiae354-53 60cmYellow greenJuly 
E. esula89-88 30cmGolden & greenJunePerennial
E. hibernia  50cmBright yellow-greenMay onwardsFresh green bush
E. hyberna  60cmYellow greenMay-JunePerennial
E. martinii150-84 70cmPinkJuly 
E. myrsinites Blue spurge15cmYellow greenSpring-SummerBlue-grey leaves. Trailing
E. portlandica87-0517 40cmGolden yellow greenMay onwardsShort-lived perennial. Blue-green leaves
E. seguieriana ssp. niciciana285-87 40cmYellow greenJunePerennial. Blue-green leaves
E. wulfenii  150cmPale grey greenJune-JulyPerennial. Bushy. Grey-green leaves

Euryops (Compositae)
E. chrysanthemoides  60cmYellowSummerYellow daisy-type

Felicia (Compositae)
F. aethiopica ssp. aethiopica194-56 10cmBright blueJune-JulyDaisy-like. Yellow centre
F. aethiopica ssp. ecklonis125-57 10cmBlueJuneCompact
F. amelloides56-63 25cmBlue, golden centreJuly onwardsSingle daisy

Ferula (Umbelliferae)
F. 'Giant Bronze'69-76Fennel150cmYellowJune-JulyBronze foliage
F. communis513-89Fennel150cmYellowJune-July 

Fibigia (Cruciferae)
F. clypeata  50cmYellow  

Filipendula (Rosaceae)
F. ulmaria Meadowsweet75cmCreamy whiteSummerHardy rhizomatous perennial
F. vulgaris 'Flore pleno'434-57 60cmWhiteJulycheck Aconitum 'Bress' same number

Foeniculum (Umbelliferae)
F. vulgare998-97Fennel180cmGreen, yellow flowersSummer onwardsSeeds used for flavouring

Francoa (Saxifragaceae)
F. appendiculata Bridal wreath100cmPinkJuly-AugustAttractive seed head

Gaillardia (Compositae)
G. aristata221-91 60cmYellow, red centresJune onwardsAttractive hardy perennial

Galega (Leguminosae)
G. officinalis505-90 120cmPale lilac / whiteJuly-September 

Gazania (Compositae)
G. rigens  30cmOrange / blackSummer 

Gentiana (Gentianaceae)
G. cruciata182-68Cross Gentian50cmBlueJune-July 
G. decumbens247-70 40cmBlue  
G. lutea252-68Great yellow Gentian100cmYellowSummer 
G. septemfida0096-77 60cmBlueJuly-AugustFrom Asia Minor
G. septemfida449-58 20cmBlueJune-JulyBell-shaped flowers
G. wutaiensis  30cmBlueJuly-August 

Geranium (Geraniaceae)
G. bohemicum  30cmWhiteJuneHardy perennial. Robust plant
G. clarkei478-82 40cmBlueJuneNeat mound of cut leaves
G. clarkei 'Kashmir purple'209c-69 30cmPurpleJuneHardy perennial
G. clarkei x pratense 'Brookside'  40cmBlue, white centreJulyHardy perennial
G. dalmaticum372-57 15cmPink Hardy perennial
G. endressii119-51 30cmPale pinkMay-AugustHardy perennial
G. esclostemon183-22 250cmMagentaLate JuneHardy perennial
G. himalayense  60cmMauveJune-JulyHardy perennial
G. ibericum46-62 45cmBlueJuneHardy perennial
G. incanum608-89 15cmPinkJune-JulyHardy perennial
G. libani95-78 30cm  Hardy perennial
G. macrorrhizum59-72 20cmPale pinkJuly onwardsAttractive foliage, red buds
G. nervosum326-78 80cmPinkMay-JulyHardy perennial
G. platypetalum268-52 40cmDark blue, black veinsMay-JuneAtractive foliage
G. pratense100-56Meadow cranesbill70cmBluish-purpleJune-JulyWild flower
G. pratense102-73Meadow cranesbill60cmPurpleJune-JulyWild flower
G. psilostemon783-22 130cmMagenta, black centreJune-JulyHardy perennial
G. rivulare6010429  WhiteSummerSmall white flower
G. robertianum 'Celtic white'226-59Herb Robert20cmWhiteJulyHardy annual/biennial
G. sanguineum Bloody cranesbill50cmCrimsonJune-SeptemberHardy perennial
G. sylvaticum183-22Wood cranesbill40cmDeep purpleJune-JulyHardy perennial
G. versicolor  60cmWhite, pink veinsMay-OctoberWithstands dry shady position
G. wallichianum323-86 30cmMauve / blue Hardy perennial
G. wallichianum Buxton's variety317-73 30cmMauve / blueSummerHardy perennial
G. wlassovianum71-0045 60cmDeep purpleSummerHardy perennial
G. yesoense225-77 15cmWhiteJune-JulyHardy perennial

Geum (Rosaceae)
G. aleppicum  35cmYellowJune 
G. rivale Water avens50cmBrowny pinkSpring 
G. spurium7-66 45cm Summer 
G. triflorum  100cmYellowJune 
G. x intermedium303-59 50cm June-July 

Gilia (Polemoniaceae)
G. achilleifolia7-58 60cmBlueJulyAnnual
G. capitata214-63Queen Anne's thimbles60cmLilacJune-AugustAnnual
G. clivorum121-60 30cmMauveJulySmall flowered ground cover
G. tricolor Bird's eyes30cmPurple & whiteJuly-AugustAnnual

Gillenia (Rosaceae)
G. trifoliata Bowman's root120cmWhiteSummer 

Gladiolus (Iridaceae)
G. byzantinus-65 50cmDeep magentaJunePerennial

Glaucium (Papaveraceae)
G. corniculatum Horned poppy Yellow  
G. flavum240-76Horned poppy30cmYellowJune-August 
G. leiocarpum Yellow horned poppy100cmOrangeSummer 

Glebionis (Compositae)
G. segetum71.0063 60cmYellowSummerDaisy-like flowers

Globularia (Globulariaceae)
G. meridionalis957-91 10cmBlueMay-July 
G. punctata958-91 10cmMauveSummer 
G. repens335-89 15cmBlueSummer 
G. trichosantha611-89 20cmBlueJulyPerennial

Glycyrrhiza (Leguminosae)
G. yunnanensis82-91 120cmBlueJuly 

Gomphrena (Amaranthaceae)
G. decumbens  30cmPinkAugust 

Grindelia (Compositae)
G. chiloensis2-86 120cmYellowJuly-August 

Gypsophila (Caryophyllaceae)
G. paniculata Baby's breath35cmPale pinkJune-July 
G. repens39-86 10cmWhite Creeper

Haberlea (Gesneriaceae)
H. rhodopensis141-58 10cmLilacLate SpringLikes shady position in rocks. Very fine seed

Haplopappus (Compositae)
H. coronopifolius372-57 20cmYellowJune-JulyLow-growing. Daisy-like flowers

Hebenstretia (Scrophulariaceae)
H. dentata  40cmWhite pinnaclesAugust-SeptemberUsually hardy

Hedysarum (Leguminosae)
H. multijugum  100cmPale cerise-pinkMay-JulyBush

Helenium (Compositae)
H. autumnale  150cmYellowSeptember 

Helianthemum (Cistaceae)
H. apenninum Rock rose45cmWhiteMidsummerEvergreen, spreading species for informal rock garden
H. chamaecistus Common rock rose25cmYellowMay-AugustNative perennial. Slow to germinate. Scarify seed
H. sp. Rock rose10cmYellowJuly-September 

Helianthus (Compositae)
H. annuus Sunflower200cmYellowSummer 

Helichrysum (Compositae)
H. italicum249-58Curry plant45cmYellowSummerAromatic silver-grey leaves
H. rosmarinifolium135-83 120cmWhiteEarly SummerSmall fragrant flowers

Heliophila (Cruciferae)
H. longifolia  25cmBlueJuneAnnual

Heliotropium (Boraginaceae)
H. europaeum Heliotrope100cmBlueJuly 

Helleborus (Ranunculaceae)
H. abchasicus  50cmYellow / greenMarch-April 
H. foetidus Stinking hellebore50cmYellow / greenMarch-April 
H. lividus89-76 30cmPale green  

Hesperis (Cruciferae)
H. matronalis Sweet rocket60cmWhiteMay 

Heuchera (Saxifragaceae)
H. americana      
H. cylindrica12-66 30cmCreamy whiteLate Spring 
H. cylindrica var. glabella100-65 30cmCreamy whiteLate Spring 
H. micrantha var. diversifolia100-65 75cmPink / whiteJune 
H. parvifolia95-81     
H. pubescens63-64 45cmGreen / yellowJune 

Hibiscus (Malvaceae)
H. trionum98-96Flower-of-an-hour70cmWhite, purple centreJuly-AugustGlossy foliage. Often annual

Hieracium (Compositae)
H. praecox168-58Hawkweed YellowAugust 

Hippeastrum (Amaryllidaceae)
H. 'red / white striped' Amaryllis Red / white striped Perennial. Half-hardy bulb

Hordeum (Gramineae)
H. jubatum289-91Squirrel tail grass75cm JulyDense nodding silky panicles

Hosta (Liliaceae)
H. sieboldiana26.88 100cmLilacSummerVery large green leaves

Hyacinthus (Liliaceae)
H. amethystinus345-56 30cmAmethystJuneHardy bulb, similar to bluebell

Hypericum (Hypericaceae)
H. androsaemum Tutsan75cmYellowJune-AugustRed fruits, turning black. Native shrub for shade
H. delphinicum516-81 60cmYellowJuly 

Hyssopus (Labiatae)
H. officinalis Hyssop60cmBright blueJune-July 
H. officinalis ssp. augustifolius155-87Hyssop20cmBright blueJuly 

Hystrix (Gramineae)
H. patula25-76 70cm JulyAwned ornamental grass

Iberis (Cruciferae)
I. sempervirens Perennial candytuft30cmWhiteJune-July 
I. umbellata Candytuft30cmPurpleSummerHardy annual

Impatiens (Balsaminiaceae)
I. grandiflora  200cmPurple / whiteJuly-August 

Inula (Compositae)
I. helenium Elecampane90cmYellowSummerPerennial
I. salicina50.0145 200cmYellowSummer 

Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae)
I. purpurea Morning glory500cmPurple / reddishAugust-SeptemberHardy annual climber

Iris (Iridaceae)
I. ensata var. chinensis  30cmPale violetMayLeaves longer than flower stalks
I. foetidissima179-66 40cm AutumnStriking orange berries
I. lutescens175-83 20cm April-May 
I. milesii403-55 50cmPurpleJune-July 
I. orientalis  150cmPale yellow, dark marksJune 
I. sibirica1064-91 65cmDeep blueJune 
I. sibirica 'Alba'  60cmWhiteJune 
I. sibirica 'Dragonfly'85.0055 150cmBlueJune 
I. sibirica 'Flight of Beeflies'7064-91 120cmBlueJune 
I. spuria var. halophila  35cmPale blue on whiteMay 

Isatis (Cruciferae)
I. tinctoria111-59Woad100cmYellowSummerPendulous fruits
I. tinctoria257-68Woad120cmYellowJunePendulous fruits

Isotoma (Lobeliaceae)
I. axillaris138-90 10cmMauveJuneAnnual. Star-like flower

Jasione (Campanulaceae)
J. heldreichii83-94 20cmBlueJulyPerennial. For dry sunny areas
J. laevis94.0084Sheep's bit scabious30cmBlueSummer 

Kentranthus (Valerianaceae)
K. angustifolius78-67Valerian75cmWhiteMay 
K. ruber Red valerian90cmPinkSummerHardy perennial
K. ruber fa. albus White valerian75cmWhiteMay 

Knautia (Dipsacaceae)
K. macedonica var. lyrophylla  60cmDark redJune-JulyScabious-like flower

Kniphophia (Liliaceae)
K. ensifolia ssp. ensifolia Red-hot poker100cmRose-red, yellow at baseJune-JulySucculent perennial

Koeleria (Gramineae)
K. vallesiana Somerset grass25cmPurple tingedJuneFine grey leaves. Tufted perennial

Lagurus (Gramineae)
L. ovatus Hare's tail grass30cmBeigeMay-JulyAnnual. Good for drying

Lamarckia (Gramineae)
L. aurea Golden top grass20cmGoldMayAnnual ornamental grass

Lamium (Labiatae)
L. flexuosum  60cmWhite  
L. maculatum  20cmPink Green / white leaf

Lasthenia (Compositae)
L. glabrata166-95 50cmYellow daisyJune onwardsFlowers up to 2 inches across

Lathyrus (Leguminosae)
L. latifolius var. albiflorus Everlasting pea150cmWhiteJuly-SeptemberPerennial climber
L. nissolia Grass vetchling30cmCrimsonMay-JulyGrass-like leaves. Hardy annual
L. ochrus  30cmYellow  
L. odoratus Sweet pea150cmMixedJuly onwards 
L. sylvestris Everlasting pea100cmRose / purpleAugust-SeptemberPerennial. Climber
L. tingitanus  80cmMauve / purpleMayHerbaceous perennial climber

Lavandula (Labiatae)
L. angustifolia 'Hidcote'53-0360Lavender50cmDeep purpleJune-AugustPerennial, fragrant
L. angustifolia 'Munstead'256-70Lavender60cmDeep blueJuly 
L. dentata901-90 45cmPale purpleJuly-AugustToothed leaves. Scented
L. spica Lavender100cmBlueJuly 
L. stoechas148-84French lavender45cmDark mauveJune-JulyA dark form
L. stoechas 'Alba'148-84French lavender50cmWhiteJune-July 
L. stoechas ssp. pedunculata212-88French lavender70cmPurpleJulyLong bracts
L. stoechas ssp. pedunculata3-84French lavender30cmPurpleMayLong bracts
L. viridis441-90Green lavender40cmGreenlate Spring/Summer 

Lavatera (Malvaceae)
L. olbia8-65Mallow200cmPinkAugust 
L. trimestris Mallow70cmPink, darker veinsJuly-AugustAnnual

Legousia (Campanulaceae)
L. falcata  30cmPurple. Yellow centreJune onwards 
L. speculum-veneris195-90Venus' looking glass15cmMauveJune-JulyAnnual

Leonurus (Labiatae)
L. cardiaca ssp. sibiricus Motherwort60cmPale pink / ceriseAugustFlowers on spikes
L. sibiricus235-59 60cmPink / ceriseAugustFlowers on spikes

Lepidium (Cruciferae)
L. sativum Garden cress30cmWhiteJune-July 

Leptospermum (Myrtaceae)
L. lanigerum198-87 200cmWhiteJuly-SeptemberEvergreen, silvery leaves. Not fully hardy

Levisticum (Umbelliferae)
L. officinale Lovage200cmYellow-greenJuneHerb

Leymus (Gramineae)
L. arenarius Lyme grass200cmGreenJune-JulyPerennial. Blue-green tufted grass

Ligularia (Compositae)
L. hodgsonii16-71 60cmOrangeJuneHardy perennial
L. japonica16-77Leopard plant100cmOrangeSummerHardy perennial

Lilium (Liliaceae)
L. martagon Turk's cap lily200cmPurpleJuly 
L. martagon var. album Martagon lily70cmWhiteJunePerennial

Limnanthes (Limnanthaceae)
L. douglasii49-84Poached-egg plant30cmWhite, yellow centreMayHardy annual/biennial. Attracts bees. Easy

Linaria (Scrophulariaceae)
L. reticulata Toadflax30cmMagenta / yellowJulyHardy annual. Grey-green leaves

Linum (Linaceae)
L. austriacum685-91Perennial flax60cmClear blueMay-August 
L. grandiflorum129-95Red flax30cmCrimsonJuly-SeptemberAnnual
L. perenne73-83Perennial flax50cmBlue / mauveMay-AugustFor sunny parts of informal garden; well drained soil
L. perenne ssp. anglicum Perennial flax50cmBlue / mauveMay-AugustFor sunny parts of informal garden; well drained soil
L. usitatissimum177-91Linseed30cmPale blueAugust onwardsAnnual

Lippia (Verbenaceae)
L. nodiflora269-67 7cmWhiteJulyGround cover

Lobelia (Campanulaceae)
L. cardinalis705-91 120cmRedSummerGreen leaved perennial
L. valida  15cmBright blueJulySnapdragon type flower

Lotus (Leguminosae)
L. maritimus87-64 3cmYellowJuneSpreading
L. tetragonolobus  25cmRusset redJulyAnnual

Lunaria (Cruciferae)
L. annua Honesty90cmPinkSummerDecorative seed pods for drying. syn. L. biennis
L. rediviva171-74Perennial honesty80cmPale lilacJune-August 

Lupinus (Leguminosae)
L. arboreus  100cmYellowSummerHardy perennial
L. argenteus140-92 125cmPurple / blueEarly June 
L. polyphyllus92-0119 100cmBlue / white / purpleMay-July 
L. polyphyllus999-91 100cmBlue / white / purpleMay-July 

Luzula (Juncaceae)
L. nivea Snowy woodruff60cmWhiteEarly SummerTufted evergreen perennial

Lychnis (Caryophyllaceae)
L. coronaria  45cmRoseSummerFurry grey foliage
L. coronaria90.0197Rose Campion90cmWhite, magentaJulyFurry grey foliage
L. coronaria 'Alba'  50cmWhiteJuneFurry grey foliage
L. coronaria 'Atrosanguinea'87-0273 75cmRedJune-JulyFurry grey foliage
L. flos-jovis91-57 40cmPinkJuneGrey-green hairy leaves

Lysimachia (Primulaceae)
L. atropurpurea1088-91 70cmDark pinkJune-July 

Lythrum (Lythraceae)
L. salicaria  70cmPurpleJuly-September 

Maclura (Moraceae)
M. pomifera Osage orange1500cm  Hardy deciduous tree. Enormous wrinkled fruits

Malope (Malvaceae)
M. trifida  50cmDeep pinkAugust 

Meconopsis (Papaveraceae)
M. betonicifolia Blue poppy80cmBlueJune 
M. cambrica Welsh poppy30cmYellow / orangeMay-August 
M. species a288-84 150cmRedJune 
M. species b  150cmRedJuneSim. 288/84

Medicago (Leguminosae)
M. intertexta158-71Calvary clover40cmYellowJuneTrailing. Fruit a large bur

Melica (Gramineae)
M. altissima Siberian melick60cmBuff / whiteJune-JulyGrass, with long bushy head. Leaves yellow-green

Melilotus (Leguminosae)
M. officinalis451-89Ribbed melilot80cmYellowJulyHardy biennial

Mentha (Labiatae)
M. piperita Peppermint  August 
M. piperita var. citrina Peppermint  August 
M. piperita var. crispa Peppermint50cmPale blueJune 
M. rotundifolia Apple mint  August 

Minuartia (Caryophyllaceae)
M. laricifolia453-91 10cmWhiteSummerAttractive mat-forming

Mirabilis (Nyctaginaceae)
M. jalapa Four o'clock flower50cmCrimsonJuly-AugustHalf-hardy annual
M. jalapa46-56Four o'clock flower50cmYellowJuly-AugustHalf-hardy annual
M. jalapa6-56Four o'clock flower60cmWhiteJuly-AugustHalf-hardy annual

Moltkia (Boraginaceae)
M. suffruticosa449-58 15cmBlueSummerCreeper. Dense clusters of flowers

Moluccella (Labiatae)
M. laevis Bells of Ireland30cmGreenJuly-AugustFlower arrangers' plant

Morina (Dipsacaceae)
M. longifolia  80cmWhite / pinkJulyPerennial

Myricaria (Tamaricaceae)
M. germanica21-82 150cmPinkSummerFeathery blue-green foliage

Myrrhis (Umbelliferae)
M. odorata Sweet cicely100cmWhiteMay-JuneHerb

Narcissus (Amaryllidaceae)
N. bulbocodium128-56Hoop-petticoat daffodil26cmYellow Bulb
N. hispanicus     Bulb

Nemesia (Scrophulariaceae)
N. melissifolia  45cmWhiteJuly 
N. strumosa  60cm Summer 

Nemophila (Hydrophyllaceae)
N. maculata58-88Five-spot15cmWhite / purple tippedSummerAnnual

Nepeta (Labiatae)
N. grandiflora  110cmBright blueJune-JulyFlowers on branching stems
N. mussinii448-56Catmint50cmLilac-blueMay-JulyScented leaves. Good for bumblebees
N. tuberosa      

Nicotiana (Solanaceae)
N. 'mixed' Flowering tobacco60cmRed / pink / creamJuly onwards 
N. 'white' Flowering tobacco60cmWhite / creamJuly onwards 
N. affinis  100cmGreenish yellowJuly 
N. langsdorffii86-0001 60cmLime greenJuly-September 
N. rustica  60cmLime greenJuly-September 
N. tabacum Tobacco60cmLime greenJuly-September 

Nigella (Ranunculaceae)
N. arvensis93-0610Love-in-a-mist80cmPale lilacJune-AugustInteresting seed heads
N. ciliaris207-94Love-in-a-mist30cmBlueJuly 
N. damascena55.0064Love-in-a-mist45cmPale blueSummerHardy annual
N. hispanica74.0186Love-in-a-mist45cmDeep blue, red stamensJuly-SeptemberHardy annual, sun
N. integrifolia Love-in-a-mist  Summer 
N. nigellastrum46-56Love-in-a-mist  Summer 
N. orientalis Love-in-a-mist YellowSummer 

Ocimum (Labiatae)
O. basilicum Thai basil15cmPink / purpleJuly 

Oenothera (Onagraceae)
O. biennis124-79Evening primrose120cmYellowSummer 
O. stricta104-48Evening primrose90cmPale yellowJune-July 
O. stricta199-51Evening primrose90cmBright yellowJune-July 

Olearia (Compositae)
O. erubescens244-63Daisy bush150cmWhiteSummerShrub for sheltered positions

Omphalodes (Boraginaceae)
O. cappadocica      
O. linifolia Venus' navelwort30cmWhiteMay-JulyGrey leaf, tiny flower, sun

Oniphalides (Hydrophyllaceae)
O. linifolia  35cmWhiteJuly 

Ononis (Leguminosae)
O. fruticosa Rest harrow30cmPinkMay-July 
O. hircina Rest harrow3cmPinkJune-July 

Onopordum (Compositae)
O. acanthium Scotch thistle200cmPurpleJune-JulyArchitectural hardy biennial

Onosina (Boraginaceae)
O. polyphylla418-93 30cmYellowJune onwardsPerennial. Hairy. Hanging tubular flowers

Opuntia (Cactaceae)
O. sp.295-88Prickly pear30cmPale yellowMay-JuneFrom Colorado

Ornithogalum (Liliaceae)
O. montanum  15cmWhiteAprilBulb, for rock garden
O. nutans  20cmWhiteAprilBulb
O. pyrenaicum44-54Spiked star of Bethlehem100cmCreamMay-JulyTall spikes

Ornithopus (Flacourtiaceae)
O. sativus56-71  PinkJuly 

Oxyria (Polygonaceae)
O. digyna56-93 15cmRedJune 

Paeonia (Ranunculaceae)
P. arietina Peony30cmPinkMaySingle flowered. Yellow stamens
P. arietina x officinalis Peony50cmPink / redMay 
P. arietina x peregrina Peony50cmPink / redMay 
P. delavayi Peony150cmCrimsonMay 
P. humilis var. villosa Peony60cmPink Single flowered
P. lactiflora Peony80cmWhiteMay 
P. mascula Peony80cmCarmineMay 
P. officinalis 'Anemoniflora' Peony50cmPink / redMay 
P. peregrina Peony60cmRedMaySingle flowered
P. veitchii497-81Peony50cmPinkMay 
P. wittmanniana271-58Peony90cmYellowMaySingle flowered

Papaver (Papaveraceae)
P. alpinum642-92Alpine poppy25cmOrange, yellow, whiteJuly 
P. atlanticum294-63 50cmOrangeMay-JunePerennial. Blue-green leaves in basal rosette
P. orientale Oriental poppy100cmRed Perennial
P. rhoeas Field poppy50cmRedJuly 
P. somniferum Opium poppy120cmCrimsonJune 

Pelargonium (Geraniaceae)
P. 'Lemon scented'  60cmPale mauveJune-SeptemberScented grey-green leaves
P. 'Prince of Orange'428-79 30cmPinkJune-JulyCurly, scented leaves
P. fragrans199-54 15cmWhiteJune-JulyScented leaves
P. tomentosum143-78 30cmPinkJulyDowny, scented leaves
P. vitifolium58-65 15cmMauve, veined darkerJuneLemon-scented foliage
P. zonale145-76 35cmPinkJuly 

Pennisetum (Gramineae)
P. orientale Ornamental grass60cmRed-awnedSummer-AutumnPerennial. Tufted
P. villosum42-89Feather top grass50cmCreamJulyPerennial. Tufted

Penstemon (Scrophulariaceae)
P. 'Garnet'292-65 50cmCrimsonJuly 
P. 'Pink Endurance'  35cmPinkSummer 
P. barrettiai149-89 15cmPurple / pinkMay-JunePerennial
P. campanulatus225-87 50cmPurpleJuly-August 
P. confertus260-90 45cmCreamy yellowEarly Summer 
P. hirsutus96-0107 60cmMauveJuly-AugustBright green foliage
P. menziesii150-89 30cmMauveEarly Summer 
P. menziesii261-90 30cmMauveJune-July 
P. procerus13-58 40cmDeep blueSummer 

Perezia (Compositae)
P. multiflora  50cmPale blueMay-JuneStiff erect plant

Phacelia (Hydrophyllaceae)
P. campanularia  20cmDeep blueMay onwardsAnnual
P. minor769-91 15cmBlue / white centreJuly-August 
P. tanacetifolia  60cmMauveJuly-AugustAnnual. Good for bees
P. viscida  25cmDeep blueJune-JulyAnnual

Phalaris (Gramineae)
P. aquatica196 150cm AugustOrnamental grass
P. brachystachys Canary grass60cmGreen / whiteJune-JulyAnnual grass. Good for drying

Phlomis (Labiatae)
P. anatolica198-84 150cmYellowSummerGrey foliage
P. bovei293-86 60cmPink / whiteJuly 
P. chrysophylla  100cmYellowearly Summer 
P. fruticosa9-67Jerusalem sage100cmYellow  
P. herba-venti567-89 70cmLilac-pink  
P. italica  100cmPinkSummer 
P. longifolia562-89 120cmYellowJuly 
P. purpurea  120cmPink / purpleJune-July 
P. rigida449-58 25cmPale yellowJune-JulyA form of Jerusalem sage
P. russelliana2-58 60cmCream / yellowJune-JulyShrub for sheltered position
P. tuberosa565-89 200cmYellowSummer 

Phlox (Polemoniaceae)
P. drummondii  20cmCeriseJuly onwardsHalf-hardy annual
P. paniculata 'Eva Cullum'397-84 75cmPinky mauveJuly 
P. paniculata 'Prospero'383-86 90cmPale mauveJuly 

Phormium (Liliaceae)
P. cookianum63-70Mountain flax200cmRedJune 

Phuopsis (Rubiaceae)
P. stylosa56-66 15cmPinkMay-JulyJune

Physostegia (Labiatae)
P. virginiana106-69Obedient plant100cmLilacLate SummerFlowers in spikes
P. virginiana var. speciosa64-55Obedient plant50cmPinkAugust-SeptemberFlowers in spikes

Platycodon (Campanulaceae)
P. grandiflorum Balloon flower30cmBlueJuly-AugustBlue balloon opening to bell. Perennial
P. grandiflorum 'Glaucum'69-50Balloon flower45cmBlueJuly-AugustBlue balloon opening to bell
P. grandiflorum 'Glaucum'69-56Balloon flower50cmPurple / blueSummerBlue balloon opening to bell

Poa (Gramineae)
P. nemoralis Wood meadow grass60cm JulyOrnamental grass

Polemonium (Polemoniaceae)
P. caeruleum469-90Jacob's ladder60cmWhiteJune(Amygdalimum Album)
P. caucasicum593-91 100cmDeep blueJune-July 
P. occidentale510-90 50cmMauveJuly-August 
P. pauciflorum83-59 60cmBlue, yellow stamensMay-June 

Potentilla (Rosaceae)
P. argyrophylla323-60 20cmYellowJuneSilvery leaves
P. atrosanguinea164-57 20cmDeep redJune-SeptemberStrawberry-like leaves. Single flowers
P. aurea922-91 10cmGolden-yellowSpring-SummerMat-forming perennial
P. glandulosa171-89 45cmYellowMay-June 
P. glandulosa var. ashlandica171-89 60cm June-July 
P. gracilis288-71 45cmYellowJune-SeptemberErect perennial
P. nepalensis636-89 20cmBright redJuly-SeptemberTrailing habit
P. nitida449-50 10cmPale pinkLate SummerSilver leaves, gritty well-drained soil
P. recta12-55 45cmYellowMay-June 
P. recta12-57 45cmYellowMay-June 
P. recta262-76 45cmYellowMay-June 
P. rupestris120-74Rock cinquefoil45cm June-July 
P. rupestris131-72Rock cinquefoil45cmWhiteJune-July 
P. rupestris var. gracilis  50cm Summer 
P. rupestris var. villosa201-12 50cmYellowJuly-August 

Primula (Primulaceae)
P. bulleyana Candelabra primula60cmOrangeJuneSow Autumn, leave outside to germinate
P. denticulata Drumstick primula30cmMixedSummer 
P. florindae15-84Giant cowslip80cmYellowJune-AugustLikes moisture
P. helodoxa1061-91Candelabra primula70cmYellowJune 
P. japonica 'Miller's Crimson' Candelabra primula40cm JuneSow Autumn, overwinter outside
P. pulverulenta168-70Candelabra primula50cmPinkJune-JulyNeeds a damp situation. Sow as soon as possible
P. pulverulenta330-59Candelabra primula50cmPinkJune-JulyNeeds a damp situation. Sow as soon as possible
P. veris Cowslip20cmYellowAprilSow Autumn, leave outside to germinate
P. vialii80.0170 20cmBlue / violetSummerExtraordinary 'poker' flower spikes
P. vulgaris Primrose5cmYellowApril 

Prunella (Labiatae)
P. grandiflora475-88 15cmDark purpleJuneProstrate habit

Pterocephalus (Dipsacaceae)
P. perennis  10cmPale pink / purpleJune-JulyHardy perennial. Scabious-like flowers.

Pulsatilla (Ranunculaceae)
P. vulgaris Pasque flower30cmMauveApril-June 

Ranunculus (Ranunculaceae)
R. acris Meadow buttercup40cmYellowMayGood for meadows and wild garden
R. gramineus  20cmYellowMayGrass-leaved buttercup

Reseda (Resedaceae)
R. alba Mignonette90cmWhiteJune-AugustAnnual/biennial for lighter soils. Excellent for bees
R. odorata Mignonette30cmWhiteSummer/Autumn 

Rhamnus (Rhamnaceae)
R. alaternus 'Argenteovariegatus'319-88Italian buckthorn1300cmGreenishSummerTree. Red berries. Cream leaf margins

Rhaponticum (Compositae)
R. cynaroides  100cmPurpleJuly 

Roscoea (Zingiberaceae)
R. cautleoides  30cmPinkJune 

Rosmarinus (Labiatae)
R. officinalis Rosemary100cmLight blueMay-June 
R. officinalis 'Prostratus'364-85Rosemary15cmBlueEarly SummerDense protrate mats. Slightly tender
R. officinalis 'Variegatus'360-85Rosemary100cmBlueMay-JuneGrey-green scented leaves

Rudbeckia (Compositae)
R. hirta582-94Coneflower60cmYellowSummer-Autumn 

Ruellia (Acanthaceae)
R. ciliosa57-69 30cmPale blueAugust 

Rumex (Polygonaceae)
R. scutatus French sorrel40cm June-SeptemberCulinary herb. Leaves good for soup

Ruta (Rutaceae)
R. graveolens 'Jackman's blue'225-67Rue45cmYelowJune-JulyBlue-green leaves

Salpiglottis (Solanaceae)
S. sinuata  45cmDeep purpleJulyAnnual

Salvia (Labiatae)
S. aethiopis Mediterranean sage80cmWhite  
S. argentea815-90Silver sage45cmWhite / pale mauveJuly-AugustFurry silver rosette. Tall flower spikes
S. caespitosa147-67 15cmPinkJune onwardsFoxglove-like flowers
S. forskaohlei  90cmPurpleJuneSpikes over felted leaves
S. glutinosa171-74Jupiter's distaff100cmYellow, maroon veinsJune-OctoberLarge, heart-shaped, sticky leaves
S. greggii  80cmScarletJuneShrub
S. haematodes39-76 50cmBlue / mauveJulyShowy spikes over felted leaves
S. haematodes 'Indigo'39-70 90cmPurple / blueJuly 
S. haematodes 'Indigo'397-84 150cmBlueJuly 
S. horminum Clary25cmDeep pinkJune 
S. officinalis Sage100cmMauve / blueJune-JulyGrey-green scented leaves. Good for bumblebees
S. officinalis 'Rosea' Sage20cmPurpleJuly 
S. officinalis fa. albiflora Sage60cmWhiteJune 
S. patens  70cmDark bluelate Summer(Half?) Hardy perennial
S. patens 'Cambridge Blue'  70cmPale bluelate Summer(Half?) Hardy perennial
S. pratensis68-64 120cmBlueJune 
S. rutilans Pineapple sage80cmRedJune-JulyFrom Mexico
S. sclarea Clary120cmPink / mauveJulyTall branched spikes over felted leaves
S. sp.  100cmDark blueJuneSticky seed heads
S. superba  80cmPurple / blueJulyHardy perennial
S. superba 'East Friesland'383-86 75cmBlueJuly 
S. superba 'Lubeca'434-57 90cmBlueJuly 
S. triloba  90cm   
S. uliginosa  100cmPale blueJulyTall stems. Bright flowers
S. verticillata  90cmMauveJuneHerbeceous perennial
S. verticillata 'White form'  60cmWhiteJulyHerbaceous perennial

Sanguisorba (Rosaceae)
S. canadensis Burnet90cmPinkJuly 
S. officinalis401-63Salad burnet25cmRedJune-JulyNative herb
S. stipulata Burnet30cmRedJuly 
S. tenuifolia306-94Burnet100cmDark redMay-July 

Santolina (Compositae)
S. chamaecyparissus317-67 65cmYellowSummerShrub

Saponaria (Caryophyllaceae)
S. pumilio793-91 20cmWhiteSummer 

Saxifraga (Saxifragaceae)
S. caniculata  10cmCreamMay-JuneSucculent rosettes of lime-edged leaves
S. chrysosplenifolia  30cmWhite  
S. trifurcata109-74 10cmWhiteJuneForms a cushion

Scabiosa (Dipsacaceae)
S. 'Clive Greaves'  60cmLavenderSummer 
S. algae475-89 45cmBlueJuly 
S. atropurpurea Sweet scabious40cmDeep purpleJune-AugustBiennial, short-lived perennial
S. graminifolia96.0177 30cmLavender blueJulyCushion of grass-like foliage
S. lucida939-91 20cmPale lilacSummerFull sun
S. minoana648-89 60cmPale mauveSummerWarm dry conditions
S. prolifera161-61Paper moon50cmCream & blueJune-JulyAnnual. Decorative dried fruits

Scilla (Liliaceae)
S. peruviana  15cmDeep blueMay-JuneBulb. Pyramid of flowers. Fresh green leaves

Scrophularia (Scrophulariaceae)
S. grandiflora258-92 45cmRed / brownMay onwardsPerennial. Downy leaves
S. nodosa Figwort100cmReddish brown / green Hardy perennial

Scutellaria (Labiatae)
S. albida  70cmWhiteJune-JulyShrub-like. Neat arching stems
S. alpina547-91 30cmMauve / creamJune 
S. columnae236-87 45cmLavenderJune 
S. hastifolia  55cmBlueJulyFlowers on branched spikes
S. orientalis389-93 12cmYellowJuneProstrate habit
S. orientalis63-68 10cmYellowJuly-SeptemberSilver foliage

Sedum (Crassulaceae)
S. aizoon Stonecrop10cmYellowJune-SeptemberFor rockery
S. hispanicum  10cmPinkMay-JuneSucculent grey leaves. Red stems

Senecio (Compositae)
S. doronicum72.0118Leopard's bane ragwort40cmYellowMay-JuneDeciduous perennial
S. huntii364-85   June-August 
S. przewalskii  150cmYellow Black stems

Sesleria (Gramineae)
S. caerulea182-61Blue moor grass30cmBluishSpring-SummerPerennial ornamental grass
S. nitida564-92Nest moor grass60cmGreen to beigeJulyPerennial ornamental grass, for drying

Setaria (Gramineae)
S. italica  70cm July-AugustOrnamental grass. Large heads.

Sideritis (Labiatae)
S. hyssopifolia  35cmPale yellowJune-JulyTiny flowers in whorls
S. montana48-59 35cmYellowAugustTiny flowers in whorls

Silene (Caryophyllaceae)
S. alpestris207-56 15cmWhiteMay-JuneAnnual. Tufted habit
S. armeria91-0391Campion15cmPurple / roseMay-SeptemberAnnual
S. conoidea Catchfly25cmPinkJune-July 
S. maritima392-57Sea campion20cmWhiteMay-JunePerennial
S. maritima481-57Sea campion30cmWhiteJuly-September 
S. noctiflora Night-flowering campion40cmPinkJuly-August 
S. saxifraga458-91 25cmWhiteSummer 
S. vallesia  10cmPink / redJune 
S. zawadzkii811-90 15cmWhiteJune-July 

Silybum (Commelinaceae)
S. marianum  35cmPink / purpleJulyA thistle, grown for white-veined leaves

Sisyrinchium (Iridaceae)
S. graminoides19-53 20cmPale blue, yellow centreMay-June 
S. iridifolium  15cmWhite, black eyeMay onwardsPerennial
S. macrocarpum155-81 20cmYellow, brown markingsLate Spring 
S. macrocarpum652-89 25cmYellow, brown markingsJune onwards 
S. patagonicum653-89 20cmYellowMay-June 
S. striatum98-59 60cmYellowSummer 

Spartium (Leguminosae)
S. junceum Spanish broom300cmYellowJuly 

Stachys (Labiatae)
S. byzantina Lamb's ears15cmPink / purpleJulyWoolly leaves
S. candida249-58 15cm May-June 
S. citrina  20cmSulphur-yellowSummerPerennial. Lime-green leaves
S. germanica  80cmPurpleJulyFelted leaves
S. grandiflora  20cmPurpleJuneShowy flower spikes
S. macrantha  40cmMauveJuly 
S. officinalis510227Betony20cmPurpleJuly 
S. officinalis 'Rosea'  20cmPink / mauveJuly 
S. setifera  70cmPinkJuly 
S. turcomanica270-60 45cmPinky-mauveEarly-late SummerGrey foliage

Stipa (Gramineae)
S. calamagrostis  70cmGoldenJuly-AugustPerennial ornamental grass. Deciduous
S. gigantea46-71Giant feather grass150cmGoldenMayLong-stemmed oat-like panicles
S. splendens  200cmPurple tingeJuly onwardsStriking tufts. Narrow dark green leaves

Symphytum (Boraginaceae)
S. caucasicum  80cmPale blue  
S. x uplandicum Russian comfrey80cm   

Tagetes (Compositae)
T. patula French marigold50cmRed / yellowSeptember 

Tanacetum (Compositae)
T. huronense238-95 35cmYellowJuneSmall flat heads

Tellima (Saxifragaceae)
T. grandiflora Saxifrage45cmGreen / yellowJunePerennial gound cover for shade
T. grandiflora 'Odorata'683-92Saxifrage60cmCreamJuneGood cushion plant. Shade

Teucrium (Labiatae)
T. pyrenaicum  20cmGreen / creamAugust 

Thalictrum (Ranunculaceae)
T. aquilegiifolium Meadow rue150cmMixed pink / purpleEarly SummerHardy perennial
T. lucidum Meadow rue65cmCreamSummerHardy perennial
T. minus Lesser meadow rue75cmPale yellowJunePerennial
T. sp. Meadow rue90cm  Hardy perennial

Thermopsis (Leguminosae)
T. montana  90cmYellowMayRhizomatous perennial

Thuja (Cupressaceae)
T. orientalis  1000cm  Coniferous tree

Thymus (Labiatae)
T. caucasicus30-89 5cmPale mauveJune-July 
T. herba-barona438-79Thyme10cmPurpleMay-JulyScented prostrate plant for low walls
T. praecox ssp. arcticus  5cmPinkJune-JulyProstrate
T. serpyllum52-0000Creeping thyme5cmPinkJune-JulyProstrate
T. vulgaris9-55Common thyme30cmMauveJune-July 
T. x citriodorus  15cmCreamJune-July 

Tolpis (Compositae)
T. barbata14-61 40cmYellowSummerAnnual; daisy-like flowers with brown centre

Tricyrtis (Liliaceae)
T. macropoda156-89Toad lily75cmYellow, spotted purpleEarly AutumnSpotted leaves. Semi shade

Trigonella (Leguminosae)
T. caerulea  60cmPurpleJune-July 

Trisetum (Gramineae)
T. cristatum52-66 30cm AugustOrnamental grass

Trollius (Ranunculaceae)
T. chinensis157-89 45cmBright orangeJune-July 

Ursinia (Compositae)
U. anthemoides  15cmGold, dark centreAugustAnnual. Finely divided leaves

Vaccaria (Caryophyllaceae)
V. (Saponaria) pyramidicata56-0006Soapwort60cmPinkJune-AugustHardy annual. Star-like flowers

Valeriana (Valerianaceae)
V. alliariifolia  60cmWhiteJunePerennial
V. officinalis382-81 100cmPinkJune-JulyPerennial, scented flowers
V. phu381-91 150cmWhiteMay-JuneSpreading perennial

Veratrum (Liliaceae)
V. nigrum  90cmBlack / purpleSummerRhizomatous hardy perennial

Verbascum (Scrophulariaceae)
V. nigrum Black mullein80cmYellow / purple centreJune-JulyPerennial. Dark purple stamens
V. phlomoides118-94 100cmYellow / orangeMay-JulyBiennial. Large flowers
V. phoeniceum319-61 90cmPinkMay 
V. pyramidatum  120cmYellowJune-JulyPerennial
V. sp.580-80Mullein100cmYellowJuly 

Verbena (Verbenaceae)
V. bonariensis  25cmPale mauveAugustPerennial
V. brasiliensis59-0100 80cmMauveJuly-AugustUpright
V. corymbosa768-90 35cmMauveAugustPerennial
V. elegans var. aspirata60-0066 30cmCeriseJune-JulyFlowers on branching stem
V. rigida74-60 35cmMagentaAugust-SeptemberPerennial

Veronica (Scrophulariaceae)
V. gentianoides366-93 45cmBlueJune-JulyPerennial
V. gentianoides448-56 100cmPale blueJune-JulyPerennial
V. incana241-61 30cmMauveJuly-AugustSilvery foliage
V. longifolia19-56 120cmBlueSummerHardy perennial
V. longifolia 'Exaltata'45-59 75cmBlueLate SummerHardy perennial
V. pectinata86-89 30cmMauve / blueLate Spring 
V. prostrata  15cmBlue  
V. teucrium  50cmBlue  
V. tricana  30cmDark blueJulyGrey, hairy leaves

Vicia (Leguminosae)
V. cassubica Vetch    
V. unijuga Vetch    

Viola (Violaceae)
V. odorata var. lilacina Sweet violet10cmVioletFebruary-April 
V. sagittata220-59     

Wahlenbergia (Campanulaceae)
W. undulata  15cmPale blueJuly-AugustOpens to 5-point star

Waldsteinia (Rosaceae)
W. geoides Avens40cmYellowMay 

Yucca (Agavaceae)
Y. recurvifolia  200cmWhiteSummerFlowers on spikes

Zaluzianskya (Scrophulariaceae)
Z. capensis Night Phlox20cmWhiteMay-JuneFrom South Africa. Evening scent. Annual

Zauschneria (Onagraceae)
Z. californica California Fuchsia100cmRed / orangeLate Summer 

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