Peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

Peanut Thanks to the attentions of squirrels or mice, which collect peanuts put out for birds or hedgehogs and bury them, this came up in a pot in my greenhouse.

I transplanted it into a pot of its own to see what it would do.

Peanut flowers It surprised me by flowering after just a few weeks when only 4 inches tall. I knew that peanuts were the seeds (seed-pods if still in their shell) of a leguminous plant, which had the unusual habit of burying the pods in the ground after the flowers set seed, and I wondered how this happened.

These two flowers appeared right at the base of the plant. If the flowers are always there, then I can see how it might be a bit easier to get the pods into the ground!

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Author: Clarke Brunt (
Last modified: 28th July 1999