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Notes: Live video (and a video saved from earlier) from a bluetit nest in Clarke Brunt's garden. Click to start. I don't guarantee that the video will remain online, or will be working at any given time. I have limited the number of people who can view at the same time, so try later if it doesn't work. I might reduce the image size or quality further if too much bandwidth is being used.

I have also limited how long you can watch the video for - should be about 5 minutes, after which it will stop updating. You can stop and start again to watch more, but don't leave the live video running for extended periods, especially if you're not actually watching it. You can close it (and return to the static image) without leaving the page by clicking the [x] at top-right of the video, or by hitting <Esc> (while over the video). Hitting ? (while over the video) will display keyboard commands. Clicking the video will pause or re-start it. Note that you cannot seek forwards or backwards in the live video - attempts to do so will likely result in it playing from the time at which you started watching - the only way (that I know) to get back to 'real time' is to close the video (esc or [x] again) and re-start (or of course re-load the page).

There is supposed to be audio as well as video. You might need Flash Player installed in your browser, although the browser might be able to play the HTML5 video without it.

Live action from the bluetit nest.

2013-May-30 One young bird was still alive and being fed this morning, but died shortly afterwards. Perhaps it was all too much for a single parent to find food, and maybe two consecutive days with rain, no sun, and temperatures around 12C during the day didn't help.

More positive news from the bird-world: as far as I know, the Great Tits are still doing OK in their nearby nestbox; the blackbirds have just started another nest in the climbing rose; the starlings are bringing their young ones to the garden for food; and if you want live video, then my swifts produced their second egg yesterday,

2013-May-28 The lone parent continues feeding the young ones. One definitely died yesterday, and another today - the adult bird spent about 15 minutes trying to remove it from the nestbox, and eventually succeeded. Evidently something got stuck on the camera lens during this, so there is a blurred patch in the centre. At least 5 of the original 8 young ones are still surviving - perhaps they are reducing to a number that one adult can manage to feed?

2013-May-26 I think that one bluetit was taken by a sparrowhawk this morning. Certainly some small bird was the victim, and there was then about a 10 minute gap in feeding. Anyway, the young birds are still being fed, though it will be harder work if there is only one parent. Will have to see whether I ever see 2 on the video, but it's getting difficult as the action gets closer and closer to the camera.

2013-May-25 At least 8 young birds seem to be flourishing, despite the unseasonable cold last night (only a few degrees above freezing).

2013-May-16 Just after 10am, the first young bird hatched, quickly followed by a second, and by the afternoon there were four.

2013-May-5 The 10th and final egg was laid this morning (one a day for 10 days).

Two minutes of 'highlights' recorded on 30th April 2013.

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Last modified: 30th May 2013