Plants of Interest, December 1996

Here are some of the plants of interest in Cambridge University Botanic Garden in December 1996. The first two were photographed on December 14, after the coldest night of the Winter until then. The pond had a thin layer of ice, and there wasn't much to be seen outside, so these specimens were in the greenhouses.

Laelia autumnalis: an orchid, brightening up the Conservatory.

Narcissus "Taffeta": a hoop-petticoat daffodil in the Alpine House.

By the end of the year, cold weather had really set in, and about 2cm of snow fell on the night of December 30. These photographs were taken on December 31 and show some of the trees in the Garden dominating the Winter scene.

Conifers: some of the 150 year old trees in the Garden.

Betula utilis var. jacquemontii: white-barked birch trees.

Acer griseum: a paper-bark maple.

Salix "Erythroflexuosa": a willow cultivar with tortuous stems.

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Last modified: 31st December 1996