Plants of Interest, November 1997 & April 1998

Here are some of the plants of interest in Cambridge University Botanic Garden in Autumn 1997 and through into Spring 1998. First in the glasshouses in November:

Callistemon citrinus: a 'Bottle-Brush', in the glasshouses.

We had a very dry and warm February, making plants think Spring had arrived, but April has brought lots of rain, and cold.

Arisarum proboscideum: the 'Mouse plant', in the woodland.

Fritillaria meleagris: the 'Snake's head fritillary'.

Lathraea clandestina: the parasitic 'Purple toothwort'.

Strongylodon macrobotrys: the 'Jade vine', in the glasshouses.

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Last modified: 28th June 1998